Heavy printing regression in Jaunty: SRU?

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 5 09:54:03 BST 2009

Steve Langasek [2009-06-04 11:02 -0700]:
> I think describing these as "small" changes is misleading; the chance of
> regression from completely changing the rendering backend for CUPS is quite
> high.

*nod* (similar to what we discussed yesterday in #ubuntu-devel).

> While the impact of the bug is significant and therefore it's worth
> considering for an SRU, the change needs to be uploaded first to karmic and
> tested there, and we ought to have some aggressive regression testing for
> this change within jaunty-proposed prior to publishing the SRU.

This kind of change gives me the creeps, but since we have used the
poppler backend in the previous couple of Ubuntu releases, and we have
a pretty good idea about its bugs, it's bearable with an appropriate
amount of testing. Please do the appropriate changes to cups, I'll
upload it to Karmic and jaunty-proposed, and we ask all the reporters
in the regression bugs for testing it.

I'm actually more concerned about also testing printers which work
fine in Jaunty. I can help out with a Samsung ML-1610, and I guess
Till can throw his armada of printers at it which he has at home, but
we should send out an extra call for testing in blogs and



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