Intel graphics and UXA

Laurent moky.math at
Thu Jun 4 15:27:21 BST 2009

> I would be interested in testing this on a few computers which are
> experiencing troubles with Jaunty Intel driver. 
 >Is there a Jaunty PPA for this new driver?

It would be good to answer that question also on the top of the famous 
bug 359392 :

Please, add a section 
[Patch for Karmic]
in the description of the bug.
Many people are complaining that the patches propositions are dispersed within 300+ comments.
I have that bug, and I want to help you (and myself ;)) in testing the proposed patches, but I don't know what PPA to add in my source.list. If you us me to test something, please us know.

Have a good afternoon

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