Third gui for ubuntu: the browser

Max petersonmaxx at
Sat Jul 11 20:56:07 BST 2009

Dear Ubuntu Developers,

one request for all still,
google announced to bring out an operating system and the chrome browser is
the gui for it.

There is the project link at the bottom, which has a cool desktop feature,
the idea is to stick a linux kernel = ubuntu to it too ... and having a
third gui for ubuntu: The browser,
The start menu is done in the browsers desktop and all software can be
searched or having a desktop icon. see the function here as well or on
windows install

The idea is to install the browser e.g. on windows, creating with a second boot option for unbuntu with browser gui and to have
here wine as well in.

then the user can decide to start linux or windows, in both cases he uses
the browser.
Is anyone of the ubuntu developers able to add a linux kernel to the browser
as a gui? we make a win linux mac release and the forth release with linux
kernel could be made by you on an own branch with us. If someone is
interested to merge gnome and kde within the third new gui for ubuntu,
please write a short mail to me to set up a small team

Thanks for feedback

On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 8:50 AM, wrote:

> test which
> has a p2p websearch integrated, maybe something to consider as well for
> kubuntu by default for each installation?  try to compile it for ubuntu as
> currently only the win version is out.
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