ctrl-alt-backspace aka don't zap via GUI, was: Re: [Merge] lp:~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual into lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/gnome-control-center/ubuntu

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 21:48:44 GMT 2009

On Fri, 2009-01-30 at 16:06 -0500, Scott Kitterman wrote:
> So far I've tested this approach on one laptop and I find it "not working". 
>  If we are going to hand this to end users as the solution to a locked X, I 
> think it needs testing first.

Did it simply hang X for you?  SysRq seems to be having problems in
Jaunty on my laptop, but a friend of mine tried it on his (where SysRq
works), and he said it hung X, rather than restarting it.

As mentioned on replies to my blog and Bryce's, not all keyboards have
SysRq keys, and not all SysRq keys are properly recognized as being
SysRq keys.

On the zap front:
I was sorry to see the Xorg devs ignore the mention of SuSE's
do-it-twice patch when they were discussing this on their mailing list.
If you've got to do it twice, that should make it even harder to do
accidentally.  I agree with Timo that "if it didn't work the first time,
try again" is a common way of thinking and thus easily discoverable if
you're familiar with the zap shortcut to begin with.

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo
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