diskless installation to ata over ethernet target

Michael Siebecker cc.smart.ch at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 17:43:36 GMT 2009

Hi all.
Installing intrepid for a dsikless machine onto ata over ethernet target
turned out to be pretty easy actually, since the aoe kernel module is
provided on the current installation CD.

Following steps were necessary:

After bootings the CD before going through the installer, i switched to a
textconsole and
- loaded the aoe module
- hard linked the targeted /dev/etherd/ex.y to /dev/sda (prolly i shoudl
have added some partition links)

Just before the installation starts, i disabled the installation of the

This allows to cleanly complete an installation to an AoE target. Therefore
it seems to me that it should be relatively easy to add such support to the
installer directly.

As i'm able to boot this via PXE wth a few changes to the initrd, i wrote a
mail to kernel-team at lists.ubuntu.com asking for a contact to submit that.

So, if sbdy would make the changes to the installer using above hints and i
would be able to get a few changes accepted to initrd i think Ubuntu would
have diskless support for AoE targets out of the box.

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