Foundations Team Weekly Summary, 2009-01-14

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Fri Jan 16 18:58:45 GMT 2009

== Present ==

 * RobbieWilliamson - chair
 * ColinWatson
 * EvanDandrea
 * JamesWestby
 * LarsWirzenius
 * LukeYelavich
 * MatthiasKlose
 * MichaelVogt
 * ScottJamesRemnant
 * SteveLangasek

== Apologies ==

== Agenda ==
 * Jaunty (Alpha 3 release '''tomorrow - Jan 15''')
  * [[|Feature Status]] (internal link)
  * [[|Alpha 3 bugs]]
  * [[| Jaunty Buglist]]
  * [[|LP Targeted bugs]]
 * 8.04.2 LTS Release '''(Jan 22)'''
  * Summary of changes for the 8.04.2 LTS update
  * [[|Milestoned bugs]]
 * [[|Sponsorship queue]]
 * [[|Objectives Guidance]] (internal link)
 * [[|Amazon EC2 usage]]
 * Good News
 * AOB

== Actions from this meeting ==
 * Robbie to add information about "pet bugs" to internal /QA/BugFixing/TeamBugLists wiki. - '''Done'''
 * Colin to deliver 8.04.2 manifest by the end of the week.

== Activity reports ==
=== Colin Watson ===
 * Updated tasksel for Steve Kowalik's mobile changes.

 * Merged: dpkg, vim (fixing #296324).

 * Analysis of linux/ubiquity/update-manager #314004; fixed ubiquity side.

 * Added ext4 support to the installer:
  * partman-ext3 extensions to support ext4, committed upstream.
  * parted work to permit the above (sent upstream as
  * Minor adjustments to iso-scan, os-prober, partconf, partman-auto,partman-partitioning, and rescue, all committed upstream.
  * Backported upstream patch to klibc (#309762).
  * Added mkfs.ext4 symlink to e2fsprogs-udeb (Debian #511207).

 * Fixed apt-setup #314462 (-backports lines in sources.list don't honour "free software only" option).

 * Fixed mobile seeds to stop crashing germinate.

 * apt-setup bug fixes (#256098, #294365).

 * Ported pcmciautils to udev 136.

 * Fixed support for my 3G modem (though some problems to resolve before
   it can be merged):

 * Adjusted and ran Celso's script to import old package removal data into Launchpad (#159585).

 * Fixed debootstrap --second-stage failure reported by Michael Casadevall.

 * Started watching archive-reorganisation UDS videos (not finished yet).

 * Didn't really get round to the sponsorship queue this week.  :-( ichthux-meta #289741 was all I managed.

=== Evan Dandrea ===
 * Followed up with Artwork team about slideshow work.
 * Added encrypted home directory support to ubiquity.
 * Fixed the remaining bug preventing the manual partitioner from working in ubiquity since the new partman landed.
 * Tried my hand at upgrading ia32-libs after I ran into 273693 upon upgrading to Jaunty.  Still trying to get this right, but appear to be on the cusp.
 * Set up a Windows 7 beta environment for testing Wubi and in the future usb-creator and migration-assistant development.
 * Tried merging and updating the seeds in slangasek's absence, but there were no changes to the seeds that needed an upload.
 * Tried to work out the correct options for dpkg/apt to get gnome-app-install to look at a different root directory, so that we can embed g-a-i in usb-creator
for adding and removing packages from the squashfs.  Sent an email to mvo, but poking around the code in parallel.
 * Hacking together a python WrapLabel class based off the one from libview to hopefully work around a long standing GTK bug.
 * Started looking into copying out the kernel and initramfs when running from a USB disk.

=== James Westby ===
 * Distributed Development
  * Trying to prioritise and plan work for this cycle, no spec yet, but that will be my task this week.

 * Ubuntu
  * Bug fixing, sponsoring, build fixing, bug triage etc., getting back in to the swing of things again.
  * Figuring out how to find bugs that should go on the team bug list for Jaunty.

=== Lars Wirzenius ===
~+Done this week:+~
 * Back from vacation. Processed e-mail backlog.
 * Finished inventing my PDR objectives for this cycle.
 * Finished hope).
 * Looked at bleachbit, found by Michael Vogt, which does somethings Cruft Remover should eventually do, too.
 * Attempted to make a jaunty virtual machine for me to play in, without complete success: upgrading works, after removing, see #316754,
but X does not work. (Had some networking problems too, since the MAC changed, and udev's persistence management named the new one eth1.)
 * I'm basing the jaunty VM on an intrepid VM, and creating it using virt-clone. Wrote to help me remember what to change when
renaming a host.
 * Reported #316775 (virt-clone should update <graphics port='xxx'/>).
 * Helped a new developer on IRC to debug a build problem with their new package.

~+Plans for the coming week:+~
 * Prepare a new system-cleanear package for upload, with a new (final!) name: Computer Janitor, unless someone comes up with something better. Also, write the
three new plugins, and start the integration with update-manager sources.
 * Ask system-cleaner to be installed by default in jaunty, so we can shake out any bugs as early as possible.
 * Make piuparts work on Ubuntu out of the box again, at least when run on intrepid (and jaunty, if I can get a working jaunty VM).

=== Luke Yelavich ===
 * Accessibility
  * Started preparing a new upstream release of espeak for upload after alpha 3 releases.
  * Audio bug triaging.
  * Checked Fedora's PortAudio v19 package for a patch to make it play nice with pulseaudio. Included this patch in our portaudio 19 package, and uploaded.
  * Uploaded new revision of PulseAudio with many fixes from git, thanks to Daniel Chen for his help.
  * Prepared pulseaudio 0.9.14 for upload right after alpha 3 releases.
 * dmraid
  * Attempted to update the dmraid kernel module, but found that it froze the virtual machine I used for testing when attempting to load it. Will leave the
dmraid kernel module as the forward ported version for now, as it seems to work ok.
  * Thought that dmraid latest upstream was broken due to it not recognising metadata from the BIOS on a motherboard I have, but after updating the dmraid
package with new fixes from Debian,everything worked as it should.
  * Updated dmraid package with new revisions from debian.
 * Misc
  * Replied to Michael Casadevall's core-dev application.
  * Installed jaunty, hoping to use it day to day for easier testing.

=== Matthias Klose ===
 * toolchain updates
  * update binutils to the 2.19 branch
  * merge glibc with Debian
  * gc[cj]-4.[23] updates for jaunty and intrepid
  * backport GCC fixes for wrong-code issues to the 4.3 branch.
 * IcedTea build fixes
 * OpenJDK updates for jaunty, prepare updates for intrepid and hardy
 * acpica-unix, opie, ggz-server updates (ARM build failures), arm status.
 * write MIR's for packages not building in main due to component mismatches
 * release manager duties for alpha-3 on Friday.
 * python packaging updates (for upload after alpha-3).
 * not too much bug triage.

=== Michael Vogt ===
 * update-manager
  * make the upgrade experience for EOL releases better (for releases that moved from archive.u.c to old-releases.u.c) by auto transition from old-releases.u.c
to archive.u.c (or a mirror) if needed (this is auto detected)
  * work on a the aufs branch
  * help ahasenbeg with seting up the auto upgrade tester on his box
  * Work on lilo removal on intrepid->jaunty upgrades in u-m (#314004)
  * Upload new update-manager that includes the update-manager-text interface
  * Debug upgrade issue to alpha-3 with liw (#316754)
  * work on the auto upgrade tester for alpha-3
   * kvm in jaunty (both -79 and -82 from the PPA) freeze under jaunty after some time. this makes testing difficult
   * moved the test to my laptop that runs intrepid for now (not ideal)
   * need to evaluate xen/ec2 port
 * i18n
  * gdebi i18n fixes
  * synaptic i18n updates/fixes
  * apt i18n fixes (from sianis)
  * unattended-upgrades i18n merges
  * learned that rosetta does not keep pot files up2date automatically
  * update-manager i18n review/update (
 * jaunty-codec-install spec
  * port the bbc totem plugin to the new codec install mechanism
  * discuss performance issues with slomo/tim
  * add checks for successfull package installation
  * some cleanups
  * fix the performance issues in the totem plugin and upload
  * switch Details view from GtkLabel to a subclass of GtkTextView
  * upload/sync gnome-codec-install into jaunty
 * alpha-3
  * app-install-data review/update
  * command-not-found-data review/update
 * python-apt
  * Merge python-apt fix for candidateInstalledSize/aptsources code
  * update the mirror list (from LP)
  * review/merge big patch from debian (jak) that adds a whole lot of documentation (yeah!)
 * misc
  * mail
  * bug triage
  * Merge software-properties fix from pochu
  * Work on apturl, bug triage, patch review/applying, upload
  * Popcon server maintainace
  * fix/forward to upstream trivial bugfix in live-magic
  * reproduce/forward libcompizconfig bug with the desktop integration and alt handling
  * play a bit with xkit
 * specs
  * finish to put my specs into Review state
  * review JauntyCruftRemover and sent feedback
 * sponsoring
  * review/sponsor totem/totem-pl-parser update
  * Review/sponsoring scim
  * review/sponsor vte
  * review/sponsor metacity (but dholbach was one minute quicker)

=== Scott James Remnant ===
 * udev
  * Updated watershed to install itself into the initramfs
  * After uploading udev 136, I set about making sure all packages that ship udev rules install to /lib/udev/rules.d and include Breaks on udev to force an upgrade.
   * Uploads to: alsa-toosl, alsa-utils, avarice, barry-util, bitpim, bluez, boinc, brltty, comedilib, cpad-kernel, edac-utils, etoken-pro-support, foo2zjs,
fuse-utils, garmin-forerunner-tools,gpsd, hal, hama-slide-mouse-control, hdapsd, hdparm, hplip,ifplugd, ifupdown, kino, kqemu-source, kvm, libchipcard-tools,
libdjconsole-data, libdlm3, libfprint0, libgphoto2-2, libgpib-bin, libibverbs1, libmtp8, libnjb5, libsane, libsane-extras, libticales2-1, libvpb0, libxenomai1,
linux-wlan-ng, lirc, lomoco, madfuload, mga-vid-common, midisupport-firmware, mouseemu, mt-st, multipath-tools, mythtv-backend, nut, nut-hal-drivers, openct,
rt73-common, selinux-basics, speechd-up, spectools, trousers, tucnak2, usbmount, util-linux, vzctl, x52pro, xen-utils-3.3, zaptel
  * Rebuilt uswsusp to shed libvolumeid0 dependency
  * Fixed issues with lvm2, mdadm and dmsetup
  * Packaged udev-extras
  * Fixed udev package to remove additional conffiles left over from previous versions
  * Updated saned to drop the scanner group completely.

 * Misc
  * Trying to get RPM to build

=== Steve Langasek ===
 * Release management
  * 8.04.2 preparations
   * SRU processing for 8.04.2
   * fix up oversized alternate CDs by dropping more langpacks  :(
   * phone call w/ QA to discuss remaining SRUs
  * Jaunty alpha-3 preparations
   * chase down OOo bloat
   * rebuild reverse-deps for libgnome-desktop-2-11 transition (NBS cleanup)
   * start rebuild of libmagick10 reverse-deps, saving 2.1MB on the CDs
 * Packages
  * follow through on pam-config-framework (LP: #275169)
  * merge the latest pam from Debian (fixes LP: #256238)
  * sponsor apport/pm-utils changes that let apport report on suspend/resume failures
 * Misc
  * Monday archive duties

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