Desktop Team Weekly Summary, 2009-01-20

Pete Graner pgraner at
Thu Jan 22 12:58:02 GMT 2009

Rick Spencer wrote:
> Here are the minutes of the weekly meeting and activity reports. This 
> can also be found here: 

> == Berlin Sprint ==
> We discussed possible topics for the upcoming sprint. These are all the 
> *proposed* topics only at this point:
>   1. fix hotkey

The Kernel Team is running a "Hardware Workshop" session for a few hours 
to look at the Platform Teams machines that are having issues. This 
could be a joint session to include hotkey debugging.

>   2. fix beamer/projector
>   3. fix suspend/resume for everyone's laptop

As above we are running a "Suspen/Resume Workshop" to look at failing 
Platform Team Members machines.

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