Desktop Team Weekly Summary, 2009-01-20

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Thu Jan 22 04:37:07 GMT 2009

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 01:57:27PM -0800, Rick Spencer wrote:
> == Apologies ==
>   * Bryce Harrington (bryce) - family emergency

Father is finally through the woods and doing well now.

> == Berlin Sprint ==
> We discussed possible topics for the upcoming sprint. These are all the 
> *proposed* topics only at this point:

Here are my thoughts on the oriented items...

>   1. fix hotkey

Very appropriate for this next sprint, because there is now some
documentation to walk through troubleshooting.

>   2. fix beamer/projector

I agree this is a problem worthy of working on, but not sure having the
whole team looking at it is going to generate as much value as the other
items on this list.

>   3. fix suspend/resume for everyone's laptop
>   4. fix the intel driver in xorg for i855, 915 and 945 first

If I understand correctly from the irc log, this item #4 was a reply to
one of the above 3 items, not a proposal for something the team could
work on for the sprint.

However, I would certainly welcome help re-testing and forwarding X
driver bugs upstream.  ;-)

But seriously, I think this #4 fits fine down into #8.

>   5. fix machines that crash when user switching
>   6. Session with Seb128 and Pitti on efficient bug management
>   7. Work with Dx team to install new stuff on our laptops
>   8. Fixing bugs where it is useful to pick brains of our colleagues
>   9. Finish a great deal of language selector
>   10. fixing bugs in apps that dont behave properly on network changes
>   11. making sure our mysql changes get agreed and in
>   12. measure everyone's desktop startup speed and work on making them 
> faster
>   13. Try not allowing GNOME Settings Deamon to force DPI of 96, even if 
> overriding value in xorg.cof

I agree this item 13 is very appropriate for the sprint.  Directions for
debugging several of the more common issues that result from letting X
pick the DPI are now documented and is something worth exploring as a

Can I add some requests/suggestions for an item for the sprint?

* Best practices for patch management.  E.g., how to use quilt, dpatch,
* HAL 101.  (It's a pre-requisite for hotkey work)
* Kernel modesetting


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