piuparts, debootstrap and newer releases

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon Jan 19 18:23:21 GMT 2009

Hello Lars,

Lars Wirzenius [2009-01-16 16:36 +0200]:
> Would it be reasonable to update debootstrap to handle newer releases?

SRUs for updating to newer stable releases would be bearable, but not
for the current dev release (jaunty), since we can't make promises
that it would still be working when we release it. In practice that
should be a small problem, since we haven't changed the script since
gutsy, but it could happen.

But it's not something SRUs are intended to do, and I'd rather avoid

> Or should people wanting to run piuparts against newer releases just use
> a backported debootstrap? That's a fine option too, but requires more
> tweaking from the user.

Putting jaunty's debootstrap into *-backports is absolutely acceptable
IMHO. You could even go as far as to provide a script in piuparts
which downloads and uses the latest debootstrap in the archive?


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