piuparts, debootstrap and newer releases

Lars Wirzenius lars at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 16 14:36:08 GMT 2009

I've just tested piuparts on Ubuntu, and it seems to be working fine, at
least for basic usage, with one exception: on release foo, you can't
test packages for release foo+1 (or greater). This is because
debootstrap in each release doesn't handle (know about) newer releases.

Would it be reasonable to update debootstrap to handle newer releases?
This would make it possible to run piuparts in a stable environment to
test packages in newer releases, including the one still in development?

This would require updating debootstrap in hardy and intrepid with the
version in jaunty. In the future, it might be useful to update
debootstrap at the end of a release cycle so that it handles the next

Or should people wanting to run piuparts against newer releases just use
a backported debootstrap? That's a fine option too, but requires more
tweaking from the user.


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