armel build status

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Jan 12 14:33:15 GMT 2009

A followup to the "armel bootstrap status" given in [1]. The main section of the
archive is now built with a few exceptions. universe shows about 800-900 source
packages which failed to build or are not built due to missing build dependencies.

The outstanding issues in main are:

 - acpica-unix: testsuite failure on non ix86 architectures. Is this package
   supposed to be built on armel?

 - debian-installer: requires di installer packages (we currently do not
   build those packages).

 - kdebluetooth: build failure, the last KDE related failure.

 - libx86: supposed to be built? P-a-S update needed?

 - rpm: libtool/automake mess (not armel specific)

 - tdb: please don't touch this package before it is fixed in debian. It's
   a new snapshot which did fail to build on all archs and currently doesn't

 - xorg-server: build failure, missing header file, not armel specific.

 - xserver-xorg-video-ati: build failure, missing header file, not armel

See [2] for an overview of uninstallable packages, [3] for a list of packages
not building.



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