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Thu Jan 8 07:44:23 GMT 2009

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Nick Ellery schrieb:
> On the four points made by Daniel, I can agree with all but the fourth
> being beneficial.  The reason that different Membership Boards were
> created was to allow those that are unable to attend CC meetings to
> still apply for membership.  Doing something like this isn't quite as
> reasonable with developer applications, and as such it may become very
> difficult for people to make it to the meetings.  I am in this position.
> Perhaps what could work is that the process is kept to email.
> Everything which Daniel suggested can be done here, with links to wiki
> pages (where sponsorship feedback could be left) etc.  From there, the
> meetings can take place, and the MC can decide whether or not to accept
> an application there, meaning that the developer who is applying does
> not have to be there, but of course could be.

As I said on IRC: we can be flexible about it.

The idea was to rotate times and meet every 14 days. If applicants
really can't make it to a meeting we could organise a one-off meeting to
suit their needs and if that doesn't work at all, we could keep this one
specific application in the mailing list world.

The vast majority will be able to make it to a meeting.

Have a great day,
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