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Mark Shuttleworth wrote on 25/02/09 09:40:
> We had a detailed call last night between Canonical folks in the
> Ubuntu Desktop team, the design team and the upstream DX engineering
> team that did the notifications work, and MPT will write up that
> discussion.

In that call, we discussed and decided on several options for making
updates less obtrusive. Many of them were first suggested in this
thread, so thanks to those of you who made specific proposals.

We plan to make these fixes in Jaunty:

*   The problem with Update Manager appearing frontmost in Compiz is the
    result of a change in Compiz three weeks ago. We will change this in
    Jaunty, and we are discussing it with Compiz upstream too.

*   Update Manager will not open automatically while you have another
    package management tool (such as Add/Remove Programs or Synaptic)
    open. <>

*   As well as staying closed for a week (excepting security updates)
    after it has been open for any reason, Update Manager will also
    stay closed for a week if you have installed updates by any method,
    including apt-get or aptitude. <>

*   A "Settings…" button will be added to Update Manager, to make it
    easier to get to the settings for changing the update interval and
    for automatically installing security updates. (Those settings are
    currently so well-hidden, even some of the people posting to
    ubuntu-devel@ apparently didn't know about them.)

*   When it does open automatically, Update Manager will use nice and
    ionice to reduce CPU and disk load.
    <> Separately, Michael Vogt is
    investigating reducing Update Manager's memory consumption.

Anyone who wants to help out with patches for these is more than welcome.

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