Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2009-02-10

Colin Watson cjwatson at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 18 16:10:42 GMT 2009

= Attendees =

 * Colin Watson (acting chair)
 * Mark Shuttleworth
 * Matt Zimmerman
 * Scott James Remnant

= Minutes =

== Patent policy ==

Assigned to Jono, but no progress to report yet. Still on the radar
because it blocks another TB ruling (ffmpeg).

== Policy for per-package upload permissions ==

Emmet Hikory sent a proposal to the Technical Board mailing list, which
was discussed and largely agreed with a few generalisations (remove
language making it specific to small sets of packages and small numbers
of developers, and remove text about the lack of an existing maintenance
team). The Board will deal with final polishing and ratify the proposal
out of band.

== cdrtools ==

Mark gave an update on the cdrtools inclusion situation. Joerg Schilling
has declined to grant a specific permission on his CDDL code, and in the
absence of that (or in the absence of a broader discussion between CDDL
and GPL stakeholders to resolve the licence incompatibility), Eben
Moglen of SFLC informs us that we cannot ship cdrtools. For the time
being, the matter is closed.

== Kernel firmware licensing ==

The Technical Board was approached with concerns about unclear licensing
on specific firmware components shipped in Ubuntu. The kernel team has
investigated this and has cleared everything except the DVB firmware,
which is still a work in progress. This is on track for 9.04. In future,
Pete Graner will review licences on all new firmware. This does not
represent a change in firmware licensing policy, but rather simply
ensuring that Ubuntu has the legal right to redistribute each item of

== Kernel team upload privileges ==

Pete Graner asked the Technical Board to consider restricted upload
privileges to kernel packages for Stefan Bader, who is responsible for
kernel maintenance in stable releases. The Board approved Stefan's
application and welcomed him to the development team.

Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at ubuntu.com]

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