Full network support

Slavutinsky Victor vitosnet at mail.ru
Sun Feb 8 09:26:36 GMT 2009

Dear developers, there's a little problem to be solved. I've ask your
help in it. This question arosed many times on other places like
launchpad bugs, launchpad blueprints, official and unofficial forums,
etc, for years already.

By now, network support in Ubuntu downloadable Desktop Edition CD is
partial still. It not include packages like network-manager-pptp,
network-manager-vpnc, and so on.

It prevent some users from switch to Ubuntu and Linux from other
operation systems, because in that case they must to download that
packages to use network to download that packages. It makes straight
unhelped Ubuntu installation impossible. 

Explanation of Ubuntu install process for that users looks like: "Check
your processor type, get proper Ubuntu branch, after that go to
site ... , download packages .... and ... and ... if you have that
processor type, ... and ... and ... in other case ..."

In that moment user said "Berrr... I shoulda install something else."

It's unacceptable to Enterprise level operation system.

There is little free space on CD. Maybe some end user package must to be
excluded to add full network support. Maybe LiveDVD branch can be

But it's a question of initial system install knowledge level. For end
user systems this level must be as low as possible, at the expence of
some other functions if needed. 

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