List of packages that FTBFS in lucid

Andrea Gasparini gaspa at
Tue Dec 22 09:53:34 GMT 2009

Hi Lucas, 

> The results can be found on
> . Those pages are
> generated live (in particular to keep the "outdated results" section
> up-to-date), but the rebuilds are only run every 2-3 weeks. The current
> results are about 1 week old.

There's already a summarized page[1] refreshed (if I remember correctly) 3 
times a day. 
I guess it can be interesting having some sort of aggregation of these two 
pages, something like "packages that builds on launchpad but not on 
${Lucas's method}" and viceversa "packages that doesn't build on launchpad 
but does on your page".
Any other sort of heuristics on builds helps both distros, and moreover 
they can be sent on harvest[2].

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