Introduction to Ubuntu Distributed Development

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Sun Dec 20 16:42:31 GMT 2009

On Saturday 19,December,2009 11:42 PM, Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> On Saturday 19 December 2009 4:08:24 am Chow Loong Jin wrote:
>> On Friday 18,December,2009 12:40 AM, Scott James Remnant wrote:
>>> Right now, that vote would be:
>>>  ( ) continue using the existing apt-get source infrastructure, and
>>>      contribute by sending debdiffs around; merge from Debian by hand,
>>>      etc.
>>>  ( ) use the new bzr infrastructure, contribute directly to revision
>>>      control branches, merge using native merge support
>>> Because there is no Git or Mercurial infrastructure.
>> I might be getting the definition of "merge by hand" wrong, but I believe
>>  nobody actually does a merge by hand anymore, since there's M-o-M for
>>  everything that isn't already tracked in git, bzr, or mercurial. 
> Yes they do. Daniel Chen was just saying to me last night that I ought to be 
> able to merge by hand instead of using MoM, like he does.
Well I never knew it was still done. I believe it is quite a tedious process
that is generally not needed unless every other tool fails at the job, which is
rather unlikely.

Either way, I'm not dependent on MoM, and prefer not to use it actually. I stuff
everything into git (git import-dsc, unless it's already maintained in git) and
let it handle the merging for me. Then I review everything that shows up in the
diffs, add/remove anything else I might need, and then produce a final debdiff
against the debian revision.

Kind regards,
Chow Loong Jin (GPG: 0x8F02A411)
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