Ubuntu Software Store: What it does, and how you can help

Peter l Jakobi lists at kefk.oa.shuttle.de
Sun Aug 30 12:21:07 BST 2009

Just anecdotal and rather subjective evidence from Germany: 

For me store definitely has the '$' assocations, and when I once tried
to  make a nokia series 60 workable to the levels I was expection from
earlier psion experience: the connotations were: 

- expensive
- crippleware at best 
- no proper ways to backup or move apps from an old
  to a new computer.
- needing to 'rebuy' stuff all the time.

Not  good.  And definitely no good even and especially for  commercial
vendors from the partner repository

[if  you asked for the results: of course it was a waste of money,  of
course   it  failed,  and  of  course  I'm  annoyed  at  the   builtin
obsolescence  of  the Nokia bricks; that experience added  the  mobile
phone requirement of "debian-userspace-without-jailbreaking-idiocy"]

Peter l Jakobi
lists at kefk.oa.shuttle.de

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