Ubuntu Software Store: What it does, and how you can help

Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at canonical.com
Fri Aug 28 11:25:58 BST 2009

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ajmctaggart wrote on 27/08/09 21:00:
> 1)  Will this Central locations simply encourage Companies like
> Google, Yahoo/Zimbra, etc.  to have their .deb packages or self
> extracting/installing packages maintained in this center?

Hopefully, yes. We still have a bunch of design work to do, but the
general idea is for vendors to have Launchpad PPAs, and for Launchpad
and the Store to have a trust mechanism to advise you how safe a PPA is.
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FoundationsTeam/Specs/KarmicAptUrlPpaPolicy> is
a small step towards this.

>                                                            Or will it
> actually manage the software regardless of how it has been installed?

- From the spec: "In version 2.0, the Store will replace gdebi completely."

> 2)  Do any of the Devs have experience with Cydia?  It is the
> jailbroken AppStore for the iPhone, using .debs, I believe.  The
> reason I ask is because I really enjoy the way it has broken down
> software to be searchable by "Internet," or "Utilities," and also by
> the acutal repository keeper, say, "Canonical," "Google," etc; so that
> Picasa would be in the categories, "Google," and in "Photo/Video," for
> example. Zimbra would be in "Yahoo," and also in "Messaging."  Those
> examples kind of depend on my first question though.  Better to use
> the example of VLC being in "Video Lan" and in "Photo/Video."

- From <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareStore#Eventual%20scope>: "You
should be able to: * find software by: ... vendor?"

> Where would a more formal suggestion (including some basic mockups)
> be best placed in the wiki?


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