Computer Janitor UI changes

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Aug 17 19:14:13 BST 2009

la, 2009-08-15 kello 12:31 +0200, David Reichling Linux kirjoitti:
> Am Freitag, den 14.08.2009, 17:27 +0300 schrieb Lars Wirzenius:
> > I have just uploaded to my PPA a version of Computer Janitor with the
> > GTK UI replaced. I would welcome some feedback.
> > 
> I have 5 items in unused, 4 in optimize and 0 in recommended
> Is it possible to show only colums if there is some to do. (in my case
> hide recommended).
> This would be nice.

Not easily: it would have to show it first, then hide it after it is
done scanning things, and then there needs to be a way to bring it back
again. I'd rather leave things the way they are, at least for now.

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