Please exercise more care (testing packages both build and install)

Pedro Fragoso ember at
Sat Sep 27 15:52:02 BST 2008

Hi Sarah and Emilio,

> Hi Sarah,
> Sarah Hobbs wrote:
> > Good afternoon developers, on this fine and sunny afternoon!
> > 
> > Recently, my attention was pointed to bug #273015 [1], about a
> > metapackage being uninstallable.  On closer inspection, this turned out
> > to be a merge request, actioned 9 days ago.
> As the sponsor of the upload, I apologize for this mistake. I'll follow up in
> the new bug report and make sure everything is fixed ASAP.
> > Consequently, I must ask whether these were even test built.  They
> > certainly weren't all checked for installability, as the errors would
> > have become immediately obvious.  [2]
> I did test-build them. I didn't test-installed them though, as I didn't though
> there was anything to test in a metapackage (no binaries to run, no libraries...
> and I didn't realize the dependencies were what I should be checking).

I believe this to be my mistake, as Emilio usually know my work he
expected me to have build and install the package as i do on GNOME

> For my defense I have to say I test-build, test-install and test-run other
> packages, so this isn't a common case.

I really did test-build but i failed on checking test-install on some
meta-packages, i've only discovered some errors when it got upload
opening a unmet dep bug on launchpad.

As Emilio i admit my error but this isn't a common case as everyone who
usually do this kind of uploads "it can happen".

> > Consequently, I'd like to remind all universe contributors, MOTUs, Core
> > Developers, Sponsors, and anyone else submitting and actioning patches,
> > to check that their resulting packages build, and install, before
> > uploading.  Feature freeze is a time where we're attempting to stabilise
> > the archive - so should not be introducing more breakage.
> I'll be more careful in the future.
> > For those of you who use pbuilder to build packages, please note that
> > there are pbuilder hooks that will test installability for you.  This is
> > vaguely mentioned in our guide [3], and more thoroughly in the Pbuilder
> > Users Manual [4].  Sbuild may have similar features, but I do not use it
> > myself.
> That's certainly useful, thanks for the tip!

> Again sorry for the mistake,
> Emilio
I surely will make use of it and will try to avoid doing such syncs or
updates that may cause such fuss.

Once again sorry for my mistake, the fix is already on the bug awaiting
for sponsoring.

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