Serious e1000e driver issue on Intrepid

Chris Jones chris.jones at
Tue Sep 23 17:47:02 BST 2008


(Disclaimer: I work for Canonical, but on the kernel or Ubuntu, and
opinions expressed here are my own)

Tim Gardner wrote:
> How do we inform users when their ethernet suddenly stops working after
> an update?

I've seen screenshots before of gnome-power-manager displaying alerts
when HAL has determined that a battery present in the system has been

g-p-m doesn't seem like the right place for this, but perhaps the
restricted driver manager could display indications for hardware for
which no driver is available at all?

Come to think of it, network-manager could easily identify network
hardware that it has no support for, and at least tell the user that it
definitely can't drive it.

Chris Jones
  cmsj at

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