Strange wiki categorisation

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Mon Sep 22 12:59:41 BST 2008

UbuntuForDebianDevelopers was moved to Debian/ForDebianDevelopers in an
IMO overenthusiastic piece of categorisation. (I appreciate the attempt
to tidy up, but the resulting page name was horribly confusing and
CategoryDebian was surely sufficient anyway.)

The page was then moved to Ubuntu/ForDebianDevelopers with the commit
message "err Debian for Debian developers??????", so I guess somebody
else agreed with me. This page name is possibly even worse as it
contributes to the rather bizarre*
faux-categorisation, which doesn't seem likely to be useful to anyone.

Can we just move this back to UbuntuForDebianDevelopers, please? It was
a clear enough page name to start with and I don't think we've gained
much by shuffling it around.

IMO the same goes for Debian/ForUbuntuDevelopers;
DebianForUbuntuDevelopers would be clearer. I don't think we should
split up noun phrases with slashes in wiki names.

If we really want all of these within a "subdirectory" of the wiki, then
better page names would be Debian/UbuntuForDebianDevelopers and
Debian/DebianForUbuntuDevelopers. However, they aren't really
subdirectories and nobody navigates by listing the whole "root
directory" anyway, so I don't really see why that would be useful.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at]

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