Release Team 20080829 meeting minutes

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Wed Sep 10 22:49:59 BST 2008

Hi folks,

Here are the meeting minutes from the August 29 release meeting,
also available in the wiki at

== Present ==

 * Colin Watson (cjwatson)
 * David Mandala (davidm)
 * Rick Clark (dendrobates)
 * Henrik Omma (heno_)
 * Loïc Minier (lool)
 * Matt Zimmerman (mdz)
 * Steve Langasek (slangasek) - chair
 * Pete Graner (pgraner)
 * Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
 * Scott Kitterman (ScottK-laptop)

== Apologies ==

 * Martin Pitt
 * Sarah Hobbs
 * Scott James Remnant

== Agenda ==
 * Milestoned bugs
 * Milestoned features
 * General feature update
 * Known regressions
  * status of issues found in previous milestone:
 * Hardware testing
  * consequences of kernel 2.6.27 upload?
 * ISO size
 * Future issues expected to impact the release (e.g. major upstream changes
  * This will be the first meeting following Feature Freeze, so is a good
time to address any important specs that are still in progress and need to
be considered for freeze exceptions (hopefully, none!)

== Milestoned bugs ==
 * [[|Release-critical
bugs milestoned for alpha-5]]
  * [[|250506]] in consolekit assigned
to pitti
  * [[|254042]] assigned to cjwatson, 
no concerns about completing it on time for alpha-5
 * [[|List of all bugs
targeted to intrepid]]
  * [[|247376]] depends on fglrx
updated for the new Xorg ABI; not targeted to alpha-5

== Mobile Team ==
 * daily images now being built from the mid seed
 * installer work pending for mobile; ubiquity changes to land before
 * linux-lpia still based on Linux 2.6.26; will be investigating 2.6.27 as a
 solution for hanging apt-get update, after alpha-5
 * several new source packages currently in NEW or REVU
  * authority delegated by motu-release to lool and ogra for freeze
exceptions as needed
 * decisions pending on choice of default media player, mail client, and IM

== Desktop Team ==
 * [[|245383]] GTK+ screen flicker
issue assigned to seb128
 * [[|252174]] gvfsd-trash crasher
tentatively targeted to alpha-5
 * elisa 0.5 update planned before alpha-5
 * lool to upload new upstream version of cheese

== Kubuntu ==
 * KDE 4.1.1 is released this week and will be landing Monday before
  * Knetworkmanager doesn't currently work with network-manager; Riddell
looking into it
  * Kubuntu ISOs currently have plenty of room to grow, so the new upstream
release should not be a concern for sizing

== Server Team ==
 * fix for [[|261847]] in openjdk-6
needed, pulling in dbus/avahi into server installs; requires input from doko
   on proper resolution, milestoned for alpha-6
 * [[|262264]] regression in
likewise-open, incompatible with the new PAM framework; suggested that Jerry
   talk to slangasek
 * landscape-client almost done with security review and ready for inclusion

== Kernel Team ==
 * Call for testing of Linux 2.6.27 sent out
 * Kernel team is tracking known upstream regressions in 2.6.27
 * Regressions reported against Linux 2.6.27 by Ubuntu users are also
tracked: [[]]
  * fglrx, nvidia are tracked as regressions by the team, but are not
considered blockers for 2.6.27 in intrepid
 * A [[|fallback plan]]
is in place in the event 2.6.27 is not ok for intrepid
 * pgraner and heno_ have a call later to discuss hardware certification
against 2.6.27

== Foundations Team ==
 * freeze exceptions requested or pending
  * new pulseaudio to match new alsa and new kernel
  * experimental python 3 packages (not by default, maybe not really FFe)
  * system-cleaner
  * usb-installer-images
  * dvd-performance-hacks
  * timezone map changes for ubiquity
  * 3 (again, not by default, parallel-installable)
  * xorg-options-editor needs promotion to main I think
 * fglrx is on the watch list, but is entirely in upstream's hands right now

== QA Team ==
 * [[|Smoke testing]] has revealed
a problem with OEM mode on Kubuntu:
[[|251634]], targeted for intrepid.
 * Concerns raised about the impact of Linux 2.6.27 on SRUs in intrepid.

== MOTU Release Team ==
 * motu-release has appropriate manpower or handling the intrepid freeze
 * ongoing discussion about the last-minute FeatureFreeze upload rush
 * FFe process for universe is mostly the same as for hardy
  * decisions about various package groups are again delegated to domain
  * bugfix-only new upstream releases will again be allowed for universe

== ISO size ==
 * stable and good

== Action Items ==
 * slangasek to investigate
 * slangasek to follow up with bryce on
 * mdz to file a new bug report about gnome-power-manager crashes and
escalate to slangasek
 * heno_ to report back on hardware certification status of 2.6.27
 * cjwatson to follow up with bryce regarding xorg-options-editor MIRs

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