Release Team 20080808 meeting minutes

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Tue Sep 9 20:24:24 BST 2008

Hi folks,

Please find below the meeting minutes from the August 8 release meeting,
also available in the wiki at

Alpha-4 is past now of course, but you may find this a useful record of how
we got there, as well as a helpful reminder of any still-outstanding issues.

== Present ==

 * Alexander Sack (asac)
 * Ben Collins (BenC)
 * Bryce Harrington (bryce)
 * Colin Watson (cjwatson)
 * Rick Clark (dendrobates)
 * Henrik Omma (heno)
 * Dustin Kirkland (kirkland)
 * Loïc Minier (lool)
 * Michael Vogt (mvo)
 * Emmet Hikory (persia)
 * Pete Graner (pgraner)
 * Martin Pitt (pitti)
 * Scott Kitterman (ScottK)
 * Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
 * Steve Beattie (sbeattie)
 * Steve Langasek (slangasek) - chair

== Apologies ==

 * Matt Zimmerman

== Agenda ==
 * Outstanding items from last week
 * Milestoned bugs
 * Milestoned features
 * General feature update
 * Known regressions
  * status of issues found in previous milestone:
 * Hardware testing
 * ISO size
 * Future issues expected to impact the release (e.g. major upstream changes
 * Scheduling Ubuntu 8.04.2

== Outstanding items ==
 * mathiaz still working on openldap 2.4.11 update
 * Foundation team concerns about kernel package split resolved
 * Kernel team items for the alpha-4 Technical Overview yet to be done

== ISO Size ==
 * significant progress made on CD sizing, by refactoring libgweather
 * uncompressed Packages files blocked on bug #255545
 * Luke continuing to investigate desktop sound downsampling

== Milestoned Bugs ==
 * [[|List
of release-critical bugs milestoned for alpha-4]]
 * [[|List of all bugs
targeted to intrepid]]

== Desktop Team ==
 * gnome-keyring ssh issue resolved since last meeting
 * "reboot and halt" policykit issue not yet resolved, has been retargeted
to alpha-5 with using gdm interface as a workaround for alpha-4
 * camera handling and USB disk mounting now working with the new
permissions setup
 * apport re-enabled by default
 * sound events currently not working
 * langpacks not yet available for intrepid
 * [[UbuntuSpec:pdf-as-standard-print-job-format]] spec pending, should not
be disruptive
 * [[UbuntuSpec:printerdriverautodownload]] spec postponed

== Kernel Team ==
 * new kernel upload planned for today, no ABI changes planned
 * BenC investigating gfx weirdness with uvesafb (affects usplash), not a
blocker for alpha-4

== Foundations Team ==
 * X input hotplugging is done
 * Network``Manager 0.7 is done
   * should get some liveCD testing using images including the new NM
 * compcache postponed to after alpha-4
 * ubiquity 1.9.8 pushed for alpha-4, but the installer team is all on
vacation next week so don't break the installer!
 * OOo slipping until alpha-5

== Server Team ==
 * no blockers
 * landscape-client, likewise-open, and tomcat6.x all being worked on before

== QA Team ==
 * daily ISOs being successfully smoke tested:

== Mobile Team ==
 * nothing new to report; mobile expected to be on-track wrt the freeze

== MOTU-Release Team ==
 * ongoing discussions among MOTU about cruft removal
 * process should be improved to notify MOTU about packages demoted from
main, so that they can be considered for archive removal entirely if
appropriate rather than being "orphaned" in universe
 * REVU has been slow this cycle, so the number of new packages for intrepid
is expected to be small

== Ubuntu 8.04.2 schedule ==
 * 8.04.1+6 months is right after Christmas, which is awkward
 * cjwatson suggests aiming for late January, and to begin preparation
around mid-November
 * goals expected to be less ambitious than for 8.04.1
  * cjwatson will send out a note to remind folks that 8.04.1 was a special
case, and not all work should be mirrored to hardy
 * settled on Jan 22 as the Ubuntu 8.04.2 release date

== Action Items ==
 * dendrobates to follow up with mathiaz about a samba 3.2 blurb for the
Technical Overview
 * mvo to investigate [[|255545]]
 * pitti to coordinate with tkamppeter to resolve ghostscript package bloat
 * asac to email ubuntu-devel-announce with directions for testing
 * slangasek to follow up with kirkland on patch for bug
 * heno to follow up with davmor2 on
 * slangasek and ScottK to discuss with ubuntu-qa about tools for
identifying work needing done (e.g., NBS rebuilds)
 * slangasek to add 8.04.2 release date (Jan 22) to calendar

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