gspca webcams (video4linux)

Kees Cook kees at
Mon Sep 8 18:33:02 BST 2008


With 2.6.27, the gspca webcam drivers have moved into the mainline kernel.
As part of that move, all the in-kernel format-conversion routines have
been moved out of the kernel into userspace.  However, Intrepid does
not yet have this userspace element -- libv4l.  It[2] is presently
sitting in Debian NEW, and I think we need to get it into Intrepid
to try to minimize[3] the regression for these webcams.  (Presently,
any of the gspca webcams doing format-conversion (all?) will appear to
have regressed.)

Anyone using applications with these webcams will need to use the
PRELOAD stuff[4] to make them work again.  So, in addition to libv4l,
would it be possible to get the gstreamer patches needed to support



Kees Cook
Ubuntu Security Team

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