Ubuntu for seniors

Christian Kreutzmann C.Kreutzmann at gmx.net
Sat Sep 6 19:24:43 BST 2008

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 
I send you this e-mail to learn whether it would be possible a special Ubuntu Distrubution for seniors to develop. (if not already present) 
I am a 16-year-old student from Lower Saxony (Germany) to the competition "Youth Founds" a laptop specifically for the elderly will develop. 
I am aware that this is already different approaches for such a Personal Computer but there was a senior treated "as a small child " this was and is probably the reason for a rejection of this product. 
The competition "Jugend Founds" (www.jugendgründet.de) is about an imaginary company that I myself must manage to take advantage of a Law to be evaluated. 
I hope I will get  a answer from you. 
My phone number is 00494172/987328. 
Or please mailback to my E-mail: c.kreutzmann at gmx.net 

Sincerely Christian Kreutzmann

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