Minutes of motu-release meeting, Friday 29th August, 11.00 UTC.

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Mon Sep 1 22:33:40 BST 2008

Minutes of motu-release meeting, Friday 29th August, 11.00 UTC.

motu-release members present (4/4):
* Cesare Tirabassi (norsetto)
* Scott Kitterman (ScottK)
* Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)
* Stefan Potyra (sistpoty|work)

Present on invitation:
* Luca Falavigna (DktrKranz)

Relationship between ubuntu-release and motu-release:
There were no objections raised, that ubuntu-release could also approve FFe's 
for universe packages in case of need. Scott noted, that ubuntu-release "may, 
but [they] generally ought not" to approve universe FFe's.
[Note: To reflect this, ubuntu-release was added as a member to motu-release  
on request from Colin Watson].

ACK's for FFe's:
All members agreed to go with 2 ACKs from motu-release for exception requests 
again, as has been the case during the last cycle.

All motu-release members were very much in favour to once again have delegates 
handling relevant subsets of packages.

The following flavors have been agreed on to be handled by the following 

- Kubuntu: Jonathan Ridell (Ridell)
- Mythbuntu: Mario Limonciello (superm1)
- Xubuntu: Code Sommerville (code-sommerville)
- Mozilla Team: Alexander Sack (asac)
- Ubuntu Studio: _MMA_
- Ubuntu Destkop: Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
- Ubuntu Mobile: Oliver Gravert (ogra)
- Ubuntu MID: Loic Minier (lool)
- Ubuntu Server: Scott Kitterman (ScottK)

Packages covered by delegations:
Scott raised the question, what package sets would be covered by delegates. 
After a short discussion, it was agreed on that every delegate should reply to 
this mail with a set of packages to take release responsibility for. In case 
of overlap, motu-release can then trim down the lists, taking over 
coordination of conflicting packages.

Standing freeze exceptions:
To request a standing freeze exception, an email should be sent to the Ubuntu 
MOTU mailing list for discussions. It is granted, once three members of motu-
release have given their ACK.

At around 12.00 UTC, Cesare, Stefan and Luca had to leave, so that quorum was 
no longer guaranteed. The following points where discussed afterwards:

Per-Package delegations:
In case of need, persons requesting per-package delegations should sent a mail 
the MOTU mailing list with the request, so that it can be discussed there.

Diffstat requirements:
Scott raised the point, to get rid of the requirement to add a diffstat.

Bugfix only releases:
Another point Scott raised, was wether bugfix only releases would need freeze 
exceptions as well.

Misc/personal notes:
Luke will be on vacation for the next two weeks.
Stefan will be on vacation for the next week.

The logs can be found at [1], mootbot wasn't used due to technical problems.

[1]: <http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2008/08/29/%23ubuntu-meeting.html>

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