Call for testing: ThinkPad hot keys

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Mon Oct 13 13:23:28 BST 2008

describes some problems with hotkeys on ThinkPads, particularly volume and
brightness.  I was able to reproduce a regression from Hardy to Intrepid on
a T42, and have prepared a package in my PPA which fixes the problems for

The various ThinkPad models are known to behave differently in various
tricky ways, and so I would appreciate broader testing of this package
(hotkey-setup 0.1-23ubuntu6).

If you have a ThinkPad (any model), please:

1. Before testing, make a note of which hotkeys work and which (if any) don't:
Lock Screen
Battery status
Wifi/RF kill
Switch displays
Brightness up
Brightness down
Volume up
Volume down
2. Install the package from my PPA
3. Reboot
4. Check that your hotkeys still work, whichever ones you have:
5. Report your results to
noting your ThinkPad model number

 - mdz

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