The future of regarding hosting

Matthew East mdke at
Wed May 28 22:45:23 BST 2008

Hi Frank,

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 9:37 PM, Frank Lichtenheld <frank at> wrote:
> is (and always was) hosted personally by me,
> since I started the service on my own and never asked for hosting.
> But its usage continues to grow and my server just isn't enough for it
> anymore, especially since the machine is heavily used for other stuff
> as well.
> So I think it is time to move it to a stronger machine, one not owned
> personally by me, preferrably one that belongs to Ubuntu or Canonical.

I brought this up with James Troup this evening, and he confirmed that
Canonical can provide hosting for I've copied him
into this email so that you have his contact details if you need to
raise things directly with him.

Matthew East
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