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Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Fri Jun 6 08:25:14 BST 2008

Hi all!

Recently I've been trying to improve the ability of the MOTU SRU team to
make timely and consistent approvals of SRUs as well as make it easier for
people to see the current status of SRUs. My experience is that SRUs tend to
fall through the cracks more often than they should. I wrote a little script
that I hope will help. It is hosted on and is updated hourly.
The entry point is:

There are two bug "views", one that just lists the current SRUs [0] and one
that is more of a task list for MOTU SRU to see what stage the SRUs are in

This is basically an alpha version so feedback and/or contributions are
welcome. A bzr branch of the script is currently on Launchpad [2]. Would the
Ubuntu SRU team (for Main packages) find this at all useful? I'm also
wondering if pitti's "needs testing" information [3] could be integrated or
combined as it is very helpful.

Thoughts? Improvements? Flames? :-)


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