Staging area for hardy-proposed ?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed Jun 4 21:21:05 BST 2008

Le mercredi 04 juin 2008 à 19:35 +0200, Michael Vogt a écrit :

> Sorry that I haven't written my initial mail more clearly. I wanted to
> ask for discussion about the fact that sometimes stuff in
> hardy-proposed can not be upgraded because dependencies are missing
> (not build yet).

Right, I don't think that's especially an issue if the user interface
makes clear why they can't be upgraded, but you are right not having the
confusing at all would be better.

> means that users on hardy see a upgrade in update-manager that he can
> not install (grayed out) because the dependencies are not available
> yet. No big deal, but a bit confusing. 


> Depending on the situation the
> "partial upgrade" feature kicks in that may remove packages.

That would be a bug in the packaging on the upgrade tool logic though,
but right if we can make things easier we should

> As a alternative we could simply make update-manager not use -proposed
> during release upgrades to workaround problem (2) and disable the
> "partial upgrades" feature in update-manager that kicks in when the
> apt resolver discovers that it needs to remove packages in order to
> calculate a upgrade. so that problems in part (1) go away.

No real opinion on this one, ideally when the new version is available
the focus has moved and there is no update candidate still there

> My feeling is that with automatic tools the manual overhead shouldn't
> be that big.

Right, I think I agree on that, using a ppa or similar is easy enough,
allow other people to give a try to the updates before the upload and
should make things smoother for users if binaries can be copied directly


Sebastien Bacher

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