Developer package selection

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Sun Jul 13 11:30:02 BST 2008

Recently, a C programmer running Ubuntu asked me where to find the man pages
for sections 2 and 3.  I told them about manpages-dev, but it occurred to me
that developers shouldn't be required to be familiar with our particular
package breakdown in order to get a basic environment like this.

There has been talk from time to time of providing developer-oriented
metapackages, but there hasn't been much momentum behind it.  I think the
main reason is that build-essential is "good enough" for most everyone.

If we accept that build-essential plays a dual role ("packages which are
essential for building other packages" and "metapackage for development in C
on Ubuntu"), then perhaps manpages-dev would be a good candidate for a
Recommends of build-essential.


 - mdz

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