Minutes for MOTU meeting Feb 29 2008, 12.00 UTC

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Fri Feb 29 22:21:44 GMT 2008

Minutes for MOTU meeting Feb 29 2008, 12.00 UTC [1].

Meeting Chair: persia

People present:
   1. persia
   2. Hobbsee
   3. sistpoty|work
   4. mok0

[TOPIC] Should Ubuntu Membership be a general requirement for MOTUship?
As noone volunteered to take over the topic, and no particular intentions
were shown towards the topic, it was deferred to the next meeting.

[TOPIC] Feature freeze policy. See ScottK's email [2] and FeatureFreeze for 

It was agreed on, that any package, which introduces a new Feature should be 
subject to a FeatureFreezeException, no matter if it is a new upstream version
or not, or a native package. 
The definition for a new feature is:
    "Provides additional functionality not available in the current package, 
     for which the lack of functionality is not a regression from a previous 

A short discussion happened, wether FeatureFreezeExceptions from non-MOTUs 
should get a MOTU ack first. However since currently motu-release isn't 
flooded by bad requests, it was agreed that motu-release should first ACK it,
but that sponsors should be careful that such an ACK does  
"not necessarily [state] whether it's correct or not" [Hobbsee].

Some discussion followed about the feasibility of filing bugs for new upstream
versions, which fall under the catagory "bugfix release" and hence are not
subject to FeatureFreezeExceptions.

Arguments against it were:
* people vouched against it
* it is not being done by many people
* it is different from main

Arguments in favor were:
* it gets documented, that s.o. is working on the package
* forces people to think by filing the bug
* fixed bugs get documented for motu-release

As everyone should really "think before *signing* [an upload]" as 
Hobbsee stated, and conflicts in regards to s.o. working on it was not 
discussed further, the only reason getting discussed further was the 
documentation issue.

To alleviate this, it was agreed on, to
   "make it mandatory to list the upstream changes, or the more important ones
   in the changelog for both bugfix and feature releases",
no matter if FeatureFreeze is in effect or not.

Hobbsee volunteered to adjust the wiki page for feature freeze exception 

[TOPIC] Handling new packages after Feature Freeze
As currently motu-release usually defers new package requests to get reviewed
first, which however doesn't get done, because it might then not be sure to
have the package included, the following workflow was agreed on:

Someone wanting to include a new package post FF should
1) file a FeatureFreezeException bug
2) motu-release will acknowledge or reject the request
3) if it was acknowledged, reviewing on REVU begins
4) the regular reviewieng rules come into effect, meaning that
   after two reviewer ACKs a new package can get uploaded to the
   archive [editors note: please make sure that the package closes
   the FFe bug, as archive admins will look out for a FFe request].

[TOPIC] logo contest for a new Universe logo
mok0 raised the topic, that Universe should get a new logo via a contest.
He agreed to raise and lead the discussion on the mailing list.

[FIXED TOPIC]: next MOTU Meeting
The next MOTU meeting will take place at 14th March, 20:00 UTC. persia 
volunteered to send announcement mails.

[2]: <https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-motu/2008-February/003331.html>

FeatureFreeze: <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FeatureFreeze>
FeatureFreezeException: <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess>
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