Feature Freeze and bug fix releases

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Feb 14 17:05:18 GMT 2008

We no longer have upstream version freeze, we have feature freeze, so I wonder 
about upstream releases that just have bug fixes.  IIRC when the new freeze 
structure was created there was some discussion about this.

Speaking for myself (not as part of motu-release, because we haven't discussed 
it), I think we generally want bug fix releases for a while.  Here is my 

Up through Alpha 6, if a MOTU believes upload of a new upstream release that 
just has bug fixes in it is warranted, they may upload it.  File a bug in LP 
with the upstream change log entries in it and mark it fix released when the 
upload is done to document that it was bug fix only.  If you have doubts 
about if something qualifies, check with a member of motu-release (or 
subscribe motu-release to the bug) and if one person from motu-release agrees 
it's a bug fix update, you're good for upload.


Scott K

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