New: nvidia-settings 1.0+20071221-0ubuntu1 (source)

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Sat Feb 9 01:04:42 GMT 2008


Am Samstag 09 Februar 2008 00:05:15 schrieb Ubuntu Installer:
> NEW: nvidia-settings_1.0+20071221.orig.tar.gz
> NEW: nvidia-settings_1.0+20071221-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
> NEW: nvidia-settings_1.0+20071221-0ubuntu1.dsc

just to avoid some confusion, as nvidia-settings was removed today from the 

In short: nvidia-settings contains the headers and the static library needed 
to get NVIDIA support in sensors-applets (cf. LP: #59945).

Lengthy explanation:
* implicit demotion:
the former nvidia-settings lived in restricted, the new one should imo go to 
Doing a copyright check, I didn't find anything in there which didn't fall 
under GPL-2 or a BSD-like license.

* nvidia-settings, executable:
The executable nvidia-settings binary comes from linux-restricted-modules-*, 
hence I've disabled building a nvidia-settings package to avoid conflicts. 
The rationale to provide nvidia-settings from l-r-m is, that it thus will 
always be aligned with the kernel module.

* Why is nvidia-settings still needed?
Coming from different upstream sources (driver installer vs. nvidia-settings), 
the installer sources doesn't include the static library and it doesn't 
include the necessary header files to build packages against it.
The candidate I know of, is sensors-applet, which could make use of the 
library/headers to display GPU temperatures.

* no shared library:
So far, I've only come to investigating a few nvidia-settings releases. 
Looking at the diffs is promising, but I can't guarantee that there 
aren't/won't be any ABI changes, hence nvidia-settings ships only the static 
library + headers.

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