lpia/MID move to 2.6.27 -- Re: [RFC] Moving Intrepid to 2.6.27 kernel

Loïc Minier loic.minier at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 29 13:46:56 BST 2008

 Just some notes on how this affects Ubuntu MID.

 For hardy builds on lpia, we were using a special libdrm, a special in
 kernel drm, and poulsbo[1] (psb) kernel and xorg graphics drivers; all
 of this in the ubuntu-mobile ppa.
   For intrepid, we moved to the main Ubuntu archive and we requested
 updated drivers from Intel for 2.6.26, preferably using the upstream
 2.6.26 drm or providing isolated patches applicable for the main libdrm
 if some functionality really needs backporting for psb.

 So the move to 2.6.27 means we might have to choose between 2.6.26
 drivers coming from Intel, which might not run on 2.6.27, or a
 supported 2.6.27 intrepid kernel (we really have the choice as
 linux-lpia is a separate source package).

 (People will probably argue that these drivers should go via upstream
 and I agree they should; the fact is they wont land upstream neither in
 2.6.26 nor .27 and we need them.)

 I've discussed this with Michael Frey who took over the linux-lpia
 tree's maintenance from Amit Kucheria, and we should take a decision on
 this next week -- which is already too late in the release cycle.
   Right now, we don't have any 2.6.26 drivers from Intel (whatever the
 drm), and we don't know whether such drivers would apply on 2.6.27.

[1] Official name "SCH", poulsbo is the Power VR graphics chip in menlow
    platform based boards (Atom CPU)
Loïc Minier

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