UDS code discount avaiability at MIT Hilton

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Sun Sep 30 15:13:38 BST 2007

Greetings Edward Sheehan,

I was directed by the Ubuntu Developers Group to apply the discount code 
"UDS" in making my reservation for the Ubuntu Developers Conference to be 
held at the Hilton MIT facility 27 October through 2 November.

Please be aware that UDS code for the Boston Developers Summit appears to 
either be oversubscribed or expired, depending as to who you talk to at 
the Doubletree reservation center.  Thus, my room rate for this meeting 
increases by about 31% from $229 to $299 per night.

I value the fellowship, convenience and sense of community that I can gain 
staying at your excellent Hotel, but I feel a bit misled by this disparity 
in the claims made in good faith on the Ubuntu Developers web site and the 
reality I discovered at the Hilton/Doubletree reservations department.

I was given your name Edward Sheehan, as the Reservation Manager at the 
Hotel who has overall purview in this matter.  I prevail upon your 
kindness and good nature in order to see if this rather considerable rate 
disparity can be ameliorated on behalf of the myself and the remaining 
Ubuntu Developers planning attendance.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your response in 
this matter

Kindest Regards,

Paul Flint


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