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Sat Sep 29 01:20:34 BST 2007

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Michael Bienia wrote:
> On 2007-09-27 14:12:41 -0500, Anthony Yarusso wrote:
>> Perhaps it would be feasible to create a package similar to the one for
>> the non-free flash plugin that is just a script to download it from
>> current sources?  I'm not sure how that would work technically, but it
>> seems like it would be nice to have something in the repos, or we'll
>> have confused users wondering where it went / why it's not packaged.
> The flash installer does (little) more than just download the tar.gz
>>from the Adobe site. It checks also the md5sum of the tar.gz and needs
> therefore an update for every new version Adobe releases.
> If you want to create an installer for tor, you need a plan how you want
> to deal with updates. Tor needs compiling, so your installer would need
> to depend on all build-depends for tor. Further you either hope that the
> build system doesn't change often and fix the installer once it's broken
> or hardcode which version are know to work. In the last case you need an
> updated installer for each new version. Then you could package it
> directly.
> You also need a cron script that checks for new versions and notifies the
> user when a new version is available.
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As there actually is a repository that is kept up to date how about the
Make the and tor easily available through
Add/Remove Applications.
Replace the current tor package with a dummy package that notifies the
user of the change.
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