Tor Packages

Michael Bienia michael at
Fri Sep 28 22:17:41 BST 2007

On 2007-09-27 14:12:41 -0500, Anthony Yarusso wrote:
> Perhaps it would be feasible to create a package similar to the one for
> the non-free flash plugin that is just a script to download it from
> current sources?  I'm not sure how that would work technically, but it
> seems like it would be nice to have something in the repos, or we'll
> have confused users wondering where it went / why it's not packaged.

The flash installer does (little) more than just download the tar.gz
from the Adobe site. It checks also the md5sum of the tar.gz and needs
therefore an update for every new version Adobe releases.

If you want to create an installer for tor, you need a plan how you want
to deal with updates. Tor needs compiling, so your installer would need
to depend on all build-depends for tor. Further you either hope that the
build system doesn't change often and fix the installer once it's broken
or hardcode which version are know to work. In the last case you need an
updated installer for each new version. Then you could package it
You also need a cron script that checks for new versions and notifies the
user when a new version is available.


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