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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Thu Sep 27 19:43:20 BST 2007


Am Donnerstag 27 September 2007 17:18:12 schrieb Benj. Mako Hill:
> I've been asked by Tor developers if it would be possible to remove the
> tor package (which is in universe) from future Ubuntu releases. The
> software can (and should?) stay in the repository and in development
> versions but should [not] be released.

That's not (yet?) possible. If tor will be removed from gutsy (or a future 
development version), it's out until it's manually allowed back in. (Which I 
guess would be cumbersome to do for each development version, since I guess 
if we allow such treatment for one package, more will follow).

OTOH, if it weren't removed from gutsy until release, it will get released 
(and could then only be removed for a very good reason, like killing an 
absolutely amazingly and unbelievable large number of kittens).

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