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Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Thu Sep 27 19:36:27 BST 2007

* "Benj. Mako Hill" 

| I've been asked by Tor developers if it would be possible to remove the
| tor package (which is in universe) from future Ubuntu releases. The
| software can (and should?) stay in the repository and in development
| versions but should be released.

I presume there's a missing «not» before released?  If so, no, we
can't do that, we can't have something in the repository and not
release it, so we would then have to remove it completely.

| Tor is anonymity software and routinely fixes bugs and implements new
| features that work around problems that compromise users' anonymity.
| The software's developers believe that is better to have no package at
| all in a release than to have packages that are up to 18 months old and
| which will, in all likelihood, provide users with a false sense of
| anonymity.

For bug fixes, they can be provided in -proposed/-updates, for new
features they'd have to go to -backports.

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