3 or 4 options for Desktop-Effects capplet?

Mirco Müller mirco.mueller at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 25 17:38:03 BST 2007

Am Dienstag, den 25.09.2007, 07:34 +0800 schrieb Onno Benschop:

> That's looking really nice, but the word "Provides" is really not needed
> in the text.

The text from the 6.2 screenshot is what's currently used.

> "Normal" is the setting you're expecting most users to use. You need to
> word your text that way too. I'm not sure what improved usability means
> to an end-user, so I think you need to phrase it in terms of the
> required computer, rather than usability - we are talking about desktop
> effects here after all.

	The improved usability are features like zooming and live-thumbnail
task-switcher, drop-shadows, artefact-less window-moving, greying-out of
non-responsive application-windows, scale etc.

> Not happy with the word "Aesthetically" because somebody who uses
> English as a second language has likely no idea what you're talking
> about. Apart from the whole discussion around the idea of aesthetics
> being in the eye of the beholder.

	Note, that someone who is not a native speaker is more than likely to
not use english as a locale :)

> The text can be reduced further:
>     * None: Simple Desktop without effects. For a slower computer.
>     * Normal: Suitable for most computers.
>     * Extra: Full Effects. Requires a faster computer.
>     * Custom: Personal Settings.

That's a too brief imo.

Best regards...


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