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Am Freitag, den 21.09.2007, 21:02 +0900 schrieb Emmet Hikory:
> 1)  When moving something, make sure to change all the pages that link
> to that something
> 2)  Check for external links, and ensure redirects for those (i.e.
> Google: link: http://wiki...)
> 3) Review the existing redirects, and ensure they don't point to a redirect

Sounds good.

>     It's hard to get consensus on changing the Wiki.  There have been
> a couple attempts to clean up during this cycle, including a fairly
> productive session in Sevilla.  While I agree with the preference for
> consensus for this type of change, I'm not sure that this particular
> work can be accomplished without a "just do it" attitude.

Absolutely. We have tried to 'fix docs' before, with bad results. I see
only one solution to deal with our resources reasonably: dissect the
MOTU wiki pages into sections of interest and function. 

My proposal:
      * MOTU: carefully chosen MOTU docs (things as MOTU/Meetings,
        MOTU/Council, etc.) - things that have a meaning and are well
      * UbuntuDevelopment: process docs
      * PackagingGuide: packaging information

We simply can't afford to try to update documentation in various places.
We need definite guides and definite places. 

Last time I counted we had 
      * four wiki docs about 'merging with Debian': all of them
      * at least six or seven pages with 'packaging tips'
      * etc

We should not drop information, but we should aggregate in one place
with a name that makes sense and is likely to stay around.

Have a nice day,

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