Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Fri Sep 21 13:02:54 BST 2007

Daniel Holbach wrote:
> What I'd like to propose in a wider perspective is to make use of the
> 'Spec/' wiki namespace. Among the huge list of MOTU wiki pages are valid
> ones, like old specifications and such, but they're quite confusing to
> people who have not tracked the project over a longer time, therefore I
> want to move MOTU specs to Specs/MOTU... (I'll change the links in LP
> too).

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> Are you going to change the rest of the internet too?
> Seriously, re-arranging stuff either leads to dead links or a spaghetti mess
> of redirects.

    It doesn't need to be a spagetti mess, if carefully done.  In
general, it seems to me that an appropriate solution is as follows:

1)  When moving something, make sure to change all the pages that link
to that something
2)  Check for external links, and ensure redirects for those (i.e.
Google: link: http://wiki...)
3) Review the existing redirects, and ensure they don't point to a redirect

> It's probably because I'm old and cranky, but I tend to believe that web links
> should be persistent.  IF we are going to break a bunch of links it ought to
> be thought through and agreed, not executed and then forcing people to react.

    It's hard to get consensus on changing the Wiki.  There have been
a couple attempts to clean up during this cycle, including a fairly
productive session in Sevilla.  While I agree with the preference for
consensus for this type of change, I'm not sure that this particular
work can be accomplished without a "just do it" attitude.


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