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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Sun Sep 23 13:42:08 BST 2007

Hi Fabio,

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto [2007-09-23  3:22 +0200]:
> (**) An idea for Hardy would be have some kind of nice UI that can actually tell
> users that "some modules that have been loaded during the boot are lacking a
> firmware". It wouldn't be too complex to create a match between module name and
> firmware name at kernel build time. The UI could use this mini db to check if
> that specific module is loaded and if the firmware is available in usual place.
> Suggestions can be made to the users at login time on how to address the issue.
> Advanced idea would be to be able to automatically fetch those firmware and
> install them on user requests (where possible of course).
> Also a reload of the module after installing the firmware would make the hw
> working immediately (<- nice user experience).

Please note that we already have this UI in the form of
restricted-manager. In Gutsy it grew the ability of handling
firmware/auxiliary non-free packages for otherwise free drivers (like
bcm43xx, and recently sl-modem-daemon.

If you create a bug against restricted-manager and give me information

 - where to get the firmware and how to install it
 - which kernel module it is associated to
 - how to detect availability of hardware (unless the module has
   proper modaliases)
 - any additional steps to enable the module beyond installing
   firmware and re-triggering the module to actually use it (those are
   the steps which happen already for any firmware handler)

then it is no problem to create a handler.


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