3 or 4 options for Desktop-Effects capplet?

Mirco Müller mirco.mueller at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 21 21:02:29 BST 2007

Greetings everybody!

	Currently I'm working on a better UI for the Desktop-Effects capplet
for gnome-control-center. I started to work on it during the
compiz-sprint this week in London.

	Kenneth "kwwii" Wimer will provide proper Tango-icons for the options.
The current question is to offer a fourth option "Custom Effects" or
not. It is meant to start ccsm. The whole idea is to allow people to
easily switch between the presets (no, normal, extra, custom). The
"Custom Effects" will initially take whatever is current (either
starting form the profile "Normal Effects" or "Extra Effects") and save
a custom profile selectable via the "Custom Effects" option.

Have a look at the progress sofar...


	I'd also like to hear your suggestions and opinions on the wording and

Best regards...

Mirco "MacSlow" Müller

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