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Hi Mathew,

On 9/20/07, Matthew Garrett <mjg59 at> wrote:
> I've reverted the changes that Scott made to Freetype, Xft and Cairo.
> This functionality is intended to improve rendering on LCD screens, but
> it's clearly failing to do so at the moment - vertical lines were being
> rendered across sub-pixel boundaries, resulting in increased colour
> blurring and reduced legibility. As an example, see
> - prior to the change, the
> vertical lines were solid white without any sub-pixel colouring.

I've noticed the size of the font you rendered is very small, do you think
that was
why you noticed this "blurring". Blurring might not be that bad too, we
could have to
compare with Mac OS X, they seem to prefer some blurring.
IMHO, this one might be solved by some changes in the defaults of fonts.conf
for smaller sizes I would say.

However, the rendering quality in some other situations did seem to
> improve slightly. I'm uncomfortable with introducing this change this
> close to beta without a full discussion of the pros and cons of the
> change, and ideally I suspect we ought to defer it to post-UDS where we
> can get more feedback from experts in this field. Thoughts?

These changes have been tested by a huge amount of users before,
and they do prefer this over the previous rendering. (i.e: People would add
extra repositories for this.)
I don't know about experts, but I was happy to see this introduced.

Oops, tilted the lcd and I see the mentioned vertical lines now with the
Still i think this improves rendering. Are you sure you're using an LCD? :)

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