Packages with menu file but no .desktop file

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Thu Sep 20 09:36:59 BST 2007

Eric Schwartz wrote:
> The other day, a co-worker complained that when he installed tuxkart, he
> got a menu entry, but when he installed atanks, he didn't.  A bit of
> research showed the reason was that atanks had a menu file, but not a
> .desktop file, and ubuntu doesn't include the menu package by default. 
> So, okay, no big deal; most packages have both menu and desktop files,
> but a surprisingly large number don't.
> A quick script later, I have a list of packages that have menu files,
> but not desktop files.  There's 2909 of them total; 403 in main, 109 in
> multiverse, and 2397 in universe.  I've attached the broken-out files.

Those numbers seem to be wrong. I guess it's because you are just
looking in diff.gz, but most packages have the .desktop file in

For example, decibel-audio-player and scribes (the packages I maintain
in Debian) have a .desktop, though it's in .orig. And your script says
they have menu file but not desktop.

You'll have to fix that before doing a mass-filling ;)

> Now, clearly, 2909 is a lot of packages, too many even for a mass
> bug-filing, I would imagine (I've never done one before, at least).  So
> at this point, I figure I'll just throw the question open.  I would
> suggest that at least any package in main should have a .desktop file,
> if only for usability's sake-- without a .desktop file a user might find
> it harder than expected to run a program they thought they installed. 
> For universe and multiverse, eh, I figure if you enable those, you can
> do a bit of work.  But I'm CC:ing ubuntu-motu, on the grounds that their
> priorities can certainly be different.
> -=Eric

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