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Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Mon Sep 17 09:45:11 BST 2007


Jordan Mantha wrote:
> So one of my pet peeves in the community since I first started has
> been that accounts are only for Canonical employees
> (as far as I'm aware). Since a large majority of Ubuntu developers are
> volunteers and not Canonical employees it seems quite odd and
> exclusionary to have a URL like only for the
> employees.
> I would like to suggest that one of two things be done with this situation:
>   1. allow all developers (or maybe even members) to have access to
> . I feel this would justify the URL, i.e. the people
> that make Ubuntu
>   2. Move to to free the
> URL for community focused usage. This would, IMO,
> more accurately represent reality than the current usage.

I'd like to see 1 implemented. I don't care much whether it's just for
Core developers, or MOTUs, or what, but I think that space should be
used, and should be used equally.


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